Narrative Writing

Sarah has always enjoyed telling stories, and has looked to tell stories in a multitude of ways. From writing a radio drama, to a short film, to works of fiction, Sarah is always looking for new ways to tell fun and inventive stories.

Walks in the Rain - short film

Fantastically Mundane - radio drama

The Day the Scouts Came - short story

news writing

Working for a student journalism organization forced Sarah to try her hand at news writing, and in the process, she discovered something new and grew her skills as a writer.

Ball State students interview David Letterman to tell Ball State’s centennial story

Ball State a capella groups win big at 2018 ICCA Midwest Quarterfinals

Fall Out Boy releases new song and announces the Fall Out Boy Fund

Features Writing

Sarah likes to write on a variety of topics in her features, but she specifically enjoys focusing on Internet trends, the generation that grew up with the Internet, and trying to answer big questions about why we react in certain ways.

State of the YouTube: the consequences of controversy

'The Magic School Bus' remake and how to cater to millennials 101

Nineteen Years Later: The Harry Potter Journey

VidCon 2017: Attainable Celebrities and Mob Mentalities

Breaking Genre Barriers; Authenticity in Popular Music

What's up with YouTube? Lost Advertisers and Leaving Creators

Reviews Writing

Sarah has covered many different forms of media in her reviews, from television shows, to music, to feature films. She even had the opportunity to attend the Heartland Film festival in October of 2017, and wrote a couple reviews about the short films featured at the event.

The Storyteller

The Tree

Five Foot Two

Look What You Made Me Do

Supernatural Season 12 finale

After Laughter

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Hard Times

Get Out