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Growing up in Fairfield, Ohio, you may think there's not a whole lot to do, but for Sarah James, Fairfield provided an array of creative outlets. She grew up on stage, performing in church plays throughout childhood, and becoming a prominent member of her school's show choirs and drama clubs from seventh grade to senior year. And although Sarah loved the stage, her heart was always drawn to the production side of telling stories. After graduating from high school, Sarah took her performance experience and used it to fuel her creative endeavors.

Sarah graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana where she studied Telecommunications and Creative Writing while also being an Honors student. While in school she was an active member and leader of the podcast and community teams at Byte, a student run media organization covering entertainment, tech, and pop culture news. She also has her own YouTube channel where she specializes in beauty and special effects makeup.

Currently, Sarah works at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio, where she’s a part of the Communications and Marketing team as the Multimedia Specialist and Social Media Manager. At ONU, she combines her proficiency in video storytelling and fascination with social media in telling the compelling stories of the students and faculty at Ohio Northern.

When not writing or working on videos, Sarah loves watching YouTube videos (primarily makeup tutorials, Last Week Tonight, and Rooster Teeth), writing spoken word poetry, crafting, and listening to alternative music.


To contact Sarah, email her at:


Current REsume

Multimedia Gallery

Welcome Weekend 2019

A recap of Welcome Weekend 2019. Welcome home Polar Bears!

Credits: Videographer, Editor

Commencement 2019

A recap capturing three different commencement ceremonies. Congratulations class of 2019!

Credits: Videographer, Editor

Founders Day 2019

Every year, the ONU community comes together to support the education of future polar bears. This year, we honored Theodore Presser, composer and namesake for the music building, as the honorary founder of Ohio Northern University.

Credits: Videographer, Motion Graphic Designer, Editor

In Their Own Words: Women in Engineering

A group of four female engineering students sit down to talk about their experiences within their major

Credits: Videographer, Editor, Graphic Designer

ONU Christmas Card 2018

Celebrating the Christmas season at Ohio Northern University

Credits: Producer, Editor

ONU Homecoming 2018

We may have had a rainy day, but that didn't stop us from having an amazing time at this year's Homecoming!

Credits: Videographer, editor

Catering and Group events Promo for Kings Island

Credits: Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer

'Cash Coaster' at Kings Island

Credits: Camera Operator, Editor

Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast Coverage

Every year on Halloween, Ball State University hosts a shadowcast performance of the cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show. This video showcases the cast in rehearsal, and let's everyone know how to do the Time Warp. After all, it's just a jump to the left...

Credits: Director, Videographer [additional shots provided by Michael Robb], Editor

The Fantastically Mundane

Title card created by Tt Shinkan

Title card created by Tt Shinkan

Fantastically Mundane is a Byte original and entirely student produced radio drama. Through writing, audio editing, and voice acting we tell the tale of Aisling University of Arcane Studies’ four most awkward misfits and their adventures in magic, demons, and social anxiety.  

Credits: Head Writer, editor, member of marketing team

Walks - a Short Film

A college-aged girl reaches the breaking point of an emotionally abusive relationship, and decides that she needs to get out. Featured at the 2017 Frog Baby Film Festival at Ball State University.

Credits: Writer, Director of Photography, Foley artist

Unmasked: The Stigma of Meth Documentary. Found HERE

Indiana leads the nation in number of meth lab busts, and Delaware County leads the state. In an attempt to uncover the world of meth use in Muncie, Indiana, a group of 27 students created a multimedia project, spanning a documentary, a magazine, and a website. Throughout this project, students interviewed community members, legislators, and former meth addicts, in order to shed light on this problem. More information found at

Credits: Assistant Director

Awards: First Place in Student Television Documentary or Public Affairs at the Indiana SPJ contest

Graphic Design

“Just the Facts” - a motion graphic representation of the ONU 17-18 fact book

As a member of the Graphics team for Byte and the Design team for the fourth issue of the Digital Literature Review, Sarah grew her skills in graphic design, especially in motion graphics. This prepared her for her job as Multimedia Specialist at Ohio Northern University.


Photo Gallery


Joshua Tree State Park, Ca




Narrative Writing

Sarah has always enjoyed telling stories, and has looked to tell stories in a multitude of ways. From writing a radio drama, to a short film, to works of fiction, Sarah is always looking for new ways to tell fun and inventive stories.

Walks in the Rain - short film

Fantastically Mundane - radio drama

The Day the Scouts Came - short story

news writing

Working for a student journalism organization forced Sarah to try her hand at news writing, and in the process, she discovered something new and grew her skills as a writer.

Ball State students interview David Letterman to tell Ball State’s centennial story

Ball State a capella groups win big at 2018 ICCA Midwest Quarterfinals

Fall Out Boy releases new song and announces the Fall Out Boy Fund

Features Writing

Sarah likes to write on a variety of topics in her features, but she specifically enjoys focusing on Internet trends, the generation that grew up with the Internet, and trying to answer big questions about why we react in certain ways.

State of the YouTube: the consequences of controversy

'The Magic School Bus' remake and how to cater to millennials 101

Nineteen Years Later: The Harry Potter Journey

VidCon 2017: Attainable Celebrities and Mob Mentalities

Breaking Genre Barriers; Authenticity in Popular Music

What's up with YouTube? Lost Advertisers and Leaving Creators

Reviews Writing

Sarah has covered many different forms of media in her reviews, from television shows, to music, to feature films. She even had the opportunity to attend the Heartland Film festival in October of 2017, and wrote a couple reviews about the short films featured at the event.

The Storyteller

The Tree

Five Foot Two

Look What You Made Me Do

Supernatural Season 12 finale

After Laughter

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Hard Times

Get Out




Makeup Gallery