Walks- Short Film


Since a young age, Sarah has loved the amazing world of cinema, and found herself watching the "making of" bonus features more than movies themselves, as well as forcing her family members into making short films with her. She loves every aspect of video production; from writing, directing, cinematography, and editing. Since then, this love of story telling has branched out into other forms of multimedia production, including audio and graphic design.

John Rettstatt Inspired Makeup Look


Sarah spent the majority of her childhood and teenage years on a stage, which meant an early introduction to the world of makeup. Recently, she picked up the art of SFX makeup, and has assisted on a couple of student films as lead makeup artist.

Night Sky


Sarah has been fascinated by photography ever since she was a kid, growing up with a grandfather who loved taking pictures of every family event. She is constantly taking pictures of everything around her, always learning how to perfectly capture a moment.